Weight Loss Program!

The Motivating Health Weight Loss meal replacement programs (High Protein & Low Carb)

The Motivating Health Protein Powder is specially formulated to ensure when it is used in conjunction with the Motivating Health 70:20:10 weight loss program successful outcomes are regularly achieved.

Motivating Health Protein Powder is a great addition to the eating habits of most people. The most beneficial aspect of a high protein, low carbohydrate (carb) shake is ease of use. By having a shake on hand it saves you eating empty carbohydrate calories adversely effecting insulin levels which can therefore slow the fat burning process.

Protein will generally be more satisfying as a meal because it allows you to feel fuller for longer. Your body also needs to work harder to digest protein which also means there are less calories left over after digestion.

Other benefits higher dietary protein can be better overall body composition, better muscle tone, healthier skin, hair & finger nails!

Motivating Health Protein Powder is used best in conjunction with a well balanced eating plan. It supplements our busy lifestyle and is ideally used to replace one meal per day. The meal you would ideally use for your shake meal would be:

  1. A meal that you would miss because you don’t have time for a meal.
  2. A meal that would be junk food/fast food which would be a high carbohydrate/high sugar meal

You can’t lose weight by missing meals and not eating, or following calorie restricted eating plans.

You can lose weight by following the Motivating Health weight loss program!

Where do I get the program?

You can now benefit from our research & practice without having to even attend our centre!

You can Purchase your Weight Loss Manual Here!

Find out:

  1. What are Carbohydrates? You’ll be surprised Most people aren’t really sure!
  2. What are Proteins?
  3. How Carbohydrates & Proteins can effect weight loss!
  4. How some people seem to eat & eat & never put on weight?
  5. If I get fit will I lose weight?
  6. Can I lose weight by changing my eating and not exercise?
  7. I have always been overweight, is it realistic for me to lose a lot of weight?

 How will the Motivating Health weight loss program help me lose weight?

Our plans & programs work because they have been formulated over years of clinical practice, careful testing and measuring the outcomes of those that have passed through our centre.

Our plans and program work because they are cost effective, clearly set out for our customers to follow in an easy to follow step by step format.

Our plans work because most of the food you require is easily purchased at your local supermarket.

  • We don’t believe in luck.
  • We do believe in well researched, proven evidence based solutions!

Our evidence suggests that that weight loss is 70% what we eat and when we eat, about 20% exercise and 10% emotional. Our program can address all aspects. Follow the program and you will have success.

The other misconception surrounds exercise. The intensity required from your exercise is nowhere near what most people anticipate (We don’t need to become Olympic athletes to lose weight). Some exercise will actually inhibit weight loss & fat burn.

Can Weight Loss & Diet change reverse the effects of my diabetes? (Approximately 3.6 million Australians have diabetes or pre-diabetes)

With Diabetes reaching epidemic proportions, the chances are that you either know someone who has diabetes. If you are overweight you may even have already developed diabetes.

Through the work we do at our Weight Loss Centre we regularly see people reducing their blood sugars and also their diabetic medication!

Carbohydrates & Insulin

When we eat carbohydrates our body converts them into Glucose. The higher the GI factor (Glycemic Index) the faster it hits our blood as glucose. At about the same time our pancreas pruduces an insulin response so that our cells are stimulated to allow the glucose to be used for energy.

Once the energy needs of the cell are satisfied the excess (not required) glucose over flows to and is stored in the Muscles and Liver as glycogen for future energy requirements. The problem is that once these storage areas are full the excess glycogen is stored as fat.

Protein & Glucagon

The effects of glucagon are the opposite of insulin. When our diet consists of the right food groups in the correct proportions insulin & glucagon work together to keep blood glucose balanced and our energy needs satisfied. Glucagon is very active in allowing the body to burn fats for energy. This is what we call Ketosis and this is where we want to be while we are losing weight.

For weight loss we need to manage these two hormones and we can manipulate them with the food we eat.

If we manage our foods correctly we can tune our body into burning fat for our energy requirements and therefore making fat loss very efficient.

And this is exactly what our plans and programs and products are all designed for. To give you all the tools you need to be your ideal weight and not be hungry or always craving sweet food!

You can Purchase your Weight Loss Manual and Protein Powder Here!

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